At the age of eleven I was given my very first camera; a black and silver plastic Kodak film camera.
After shooting my first twenty-four exposure film I was quite excited and asked to be taken into town. In the chemist shop, I approached the counter and explained that I needed to get my pictures developed. The lady assistant smiled, took the camera from me and went into the backroom, reappearing three or four seconds later in the doorway, proclaiming with a grin, “Here you are then! They’re all done!” She then handed me back my camera. Puzzled, I asked where my photographs were and heard a tittering of laughter go up in the shop from other customers. The serious look on my face convinced the lady that she had made a mistake and she took the camera back from me, explaining that she had believed my camera to be a camera-shaped water pistol.

Look out for the results of that first ever shoot in the next post!